Firestone drives alongside the enormous demand for energy, with our well experienced retail sales managers in various locations in the country, whose job is to provide our customers quick service response and on-time delivery of petroleum products.

In the aspect of using our company trucks in bulk purchase of white products, Firestone is committed to bare the haulaging and logistics risk involved in product delivery to customerís locations. This is achieved through our highly trained truck drivers and on ground personnel who are specifically dedicate to monitor truck movement real time, and ascertain the ETA (Exact Time of Arrival) of each trucks to customerís location.

Our retail strength centers on the constant increase of volume output from all our retail outlets and bulk buyers (strategically positioning firestone on top of the food chain when it comes to retailing of petroleum products.

Firestone provides a number of high quality products such as:

  1. PMS (Premium motor spirit) Petrol
  2. AGO (Automated gas oil) Diesel
  3. HHK (House hold kerosene) Kerosene
  4. Bitumen as well as Various Lubricants
  5. ATK (Aviation Turbine Kerosene/JET- A1)
  6. LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
  7. LPFO (Low Poor Fuel Oil)

Quality Control
We tirelessly work to constantly improve our highly equipped laboratory, with our well qualified and experienced laboratory scientist, thus we have been delivering high quality products with a clear reduction in low-quality products, being purchased by our customers, thereby improving stock management for all our clients.

Firestone is committed when it comes to the implementation of our core values. The company recognizes value when it comes to long term business relationship with our clients and business partners, we appreciate them and endeavor that we maximize this long term relationship by providing value and as well a sound internal control system which assist in facilitating it realization for the mutual benefit of the customer and company at large, with this we are strategically positioned to provide our customers with excellent services as well as high quality petroleum products that meet their energy needs.

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