Firestone Gas was established to operate fully in the downstream Sector, the company is engaged in a variety of business activities beginning from the acquisition of stakes in gas projects, to the marketing and sale of gas products, including:

  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Condensates (Natural Gas Liquids- NGL)

Firestone Gas operates one of the most reputable and efficient Gas Filling Plants in Nigeria. We are market leaders in Liquefied Petroleum Gas marketing and distribution in Nigeria and our clientele include major LP Gas distributors in Nigeria as well as Togo and Benin Republic. We also provide LPG retailing services to Home Consumers, Restaurants and Hoteliers in cylinders. We are very prompt in our service delivery.

Firestone Gas is highly committed to developing the domestic gas markets. It holds strategic stakes in the major re-gasification facilities in Nigeria. Firestone Gas partnered with strategic gas facilities all over Nigeria to form a JV’’ which secured 12.5% equity in the Gas market in Nigeria. Firestone Gas is also involved in the Nigerian Gas Master Plan Scheme through a strategic association with the Niger Delta Gasification project.

Domestically, the company operates 500MT LPG storage, truck loading and bottling depot in Nigeria, which is being upgraded to a 1000MT facility. In addition to its spot cargoes, the company operates the following term contracts:

  • Domestic LPG contracts from Major Gas companies in Nigeria respectively
  • Contract to lift 100,000MT for NNPC through a third party, Joint Venture

We employ our fleet of grade A’’ Bridging Trucks to ensure that our storage tanks are constantly and timely replenished. For your bulk supplies either to stationed tanks or bulk cylinders, our delivery team is ready to deliver accurate gas supply to meet your immediate demand. Our dedicated bobtails are fitted with 100% factory facilities including accurate gas meter, Rotogage and 3” pumps all in perfect working condition.

Refilling Plant:
Our Refilling section has the capability to refill sizable volume of different cylinder capacities daily dispensing up to 20MT daily. As an indigenous company with a proud African heritage Firestone has been involved for over 4 years in paving the way for other Nigerian establishments to follow.

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