In spite of all the challenges, and poor state of inter/intra state roads which continue to prove disruptive to product distribution (Road transportation account for 90% of the product distribution channel via trucks) and inability for trucks to access certain interior location due to bad road network, the company strove to create value by focusing on improving its operations on a consistent basis.

We have improved our trucks, and truck turnaround time elaborating the cycle by monitoring our trucks online real time, until ETA (exact time of arrival) to customer locations and cell sites. Furthermore, we have improved the quality of receivables, thereby increasing customer output and satisfaction significantly. Here are some sub- categories relating to different services Firestone Oil and Gas provides.

TWP Retailing Our through-put sales from our retail outlets & sales of TWP - (Total White Products) and lubricant to final consumers, both private and in commercial capacity, such white products includes PMS, AGO, DPK and various lubricants.

Commercial Sales Customer sites and location sales, product delivery to manufacturing industries, factories, banks, breweries, hotel and organization which have the capacity to consume more than 5,000ltrs of any of the TWP on supply.

Aviation Supply - Aviation fuel (JetA1/ATK) supply to various airports within Nigeria.

Third Party Trucking - Transportation of petroleum products for third party customer from point of purchase to customer location (third party trucking).

Company Trucking - Transportation of petroleum product to COSS (company owned service stations), these are outlets operated by Firestone.

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