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Who we are
Firestone is the foremost emerging indigenous oil and gas company in Nigeria, and its strength is driven within the downstream sector. The oil and gas industry is a pillar of the Nigerian economy and a major factor in its world standing, Firestone serves the Nigerian people through its downstream involvement marketing petroleum products, as well as distribution, haulaging and storage of petroleum products. Firestone is well positioned to become the market leader and a force to reckon with, when it comes to activity within the downstream petroleum sector.

Firestone commercial sales operate with a robust client database which supplies variety of our products to these customers, cutting across all industries from manufacturing, Hotels, construction companies/sites, banking, brewery, telecommunications cell sites and major dumps within Nigeria.

Our Vision is to be the world’s leading energy company driven by corporate excellence.

Our Mission is to provide integrated energy solutions for all our valuable clients everywhere and anywhere.

Service Excellence we take service delivery to the highest level, when we say our quality is unmatched, we mean every word; Our customers are our priority therefore we endeavor to provide them value for their money.

Our Brand Muscles is gotten from our drive for excellence and deep rooted passion to meet all our clients’ energy needs. We are a performance driven company positioned to succeed and excel even in a highly competitive market.

The customers’ our customer consistent quality experience is as a result of our uncompromising obligation to offer quality products with superior service delivery.

At Firestone our staff adopts a fresh and bold approach to doing things; dynamically progressive, if it means going against convention to satisfy our customers, we will readily roll up our sleeves to deliver.

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