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Firestone Oil & Gas company is an indigenous petroleum marketing company, which provides integrated petroleum products with the most versatile fleet of trucks for mobile Oil & Gas supplies that meet clients’ petroleum needs. Our goal is to bridge the gap by providing quality petroleum products to all our numerous clients.

We operate an optimal organizational structure tapping the values and synergies available within the company, leveraging on years of experience, with the highest quality and specification, with a well focused staff as well as good EHSQ (Environment, Health Safety, Quality) standards, Firestone is well positioned to be the leading petroleum marketing company in Nigeria.

Our pool of clientele requires the very best quality products, we as a company meets their petroleum needs and specifications. We are well abreast with the industry, the market needs, and what the future energy requirement will be; we ascertain this by knowing what works for the market today and what needs constant improvement for tomorrow.

Firestone is set on track to be Nigeria’s number one leading indigenous oil and gas company, with its retail outlets strategically springing up in various parts of Nigeria, and an ever expanding commercial focus, meeting the needs of companies, cell-site, factories and industries likewise.

We are affiliated to strategically located terminals in Nigeria, which assist in improving our robust distribution network, with this affiliation, Firestone Oil & Gas Company has ensured that its products will continue to meet the increasing demands of our esteemed customers.

    Firestone Services

  • PMS (Premium motor spirit) Petrol

  • AGO (Automated gas oil) Diesel

  • HHK (House hold kerosene) Kerosene

  • Bitumen as well as Various Lubricants

  • ATK (Aviation Turbine Kerosene/JET- A1)

  • LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

  • LPFO (Low Poor Fuel Oil)

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